Welcome To Mrs. Holt's 5th-8th Grade Intensive Reading Class!

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The fifth-eighth grade alternate reading classes utilize Five different types of reading development skills: Read Naturally, Successmaker (Reading Adventure & Readers Workshop), Independent Reading, Vocabulary Development , and Effective (teacher lead) Reading Strategy Development.

Read Naturally

The Read Naturally Strategy : A Proven Approach to Building Reading Proficiency Since 1991, Read Naturally has helped thousands of students become better readers using a unique strategy that combines teacher modeling, repeated reading, and assessment and progress monitoring. Read Naturally's programs provide a safe, structured, motivating learning environment that encourages reading on a regular basis.



Success Maker Enterprise individualizes learning for measurable success in grades K–8. In one package. It’s a comprehensive curriculum that’s on call all the time to help you teach to every student’s level. The courseware even allows you to forecast student performance on high-stakes tests. More than 16,000 schools nationwide rely on Success Maker Enterprise to deliver standards-based lessons one-on-one to at-risk and gifted children, students with special needs, and English language learners.
Digital natives stay engaged. The on-screen experience is familiar and fun for media-savvy students. They stay focused and on-task. It teaches individuals, not classes. At initial placement, each student is assessed to determine the right starting level. From then on, self-paced lessons avoid the frustrations of instruction that is too fast or slow. Diagnostics pinpoint students in need of intervention. Teachers feel even more effective because they can target their efforts to the students who will benefit most. Forecasts tell you which students will meet instructional goals and when. This powerful tool helps you do an even better job of preparing students for high-stakes tests.

Independent Reading

Students are required to read two books every semester and turn in weekly reading logs every Monday. These reading logs must be signed my a parent or guardian showing the student has read at least one hour and fifteen minutes weekly with a two sentence reflection every fifteen minutes. To aid in the reading requirement the classroom has an lexied leveled library of traditional literature, audio books using iPod touch and iPad, and e-reading materials using iPod touch and iPad, Kindle wireless reader, viaand iBooks.

Vocabulary Development


7th and 8th Grade students will have bi-weekly vocabulary development lists. 8th grade list come for the Vocab-u-lit series and the 7th grade focus is Greek and Latin Roots, with an culminating end of the year summative assessment test over 40 intensively studied and used roots.

Reading Strategy Development

The classroom 5th-8th students will be introduced to a teacher lead effective reading strategy development lesson. This lesson will incorporate vocabulary development, critical thinking, and modeling of effective reading strategies. Periodically, there will also be a writing discussion posted on this wiki site for students to reflect and share ideas with fellow students using research proven literacy skills.

Class Survey

Take this class survey. It will give Mrs. Holt ideas on how to improve our reading classroom!